Church Graphic Art Support

Building promotions that will attract your community.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. George Bernard Shaw

Churches around the world consistently face this communication challenge. It can be very difficult to find meaningful ways to notify congregations and communities about the regular or special events taking place each week at the church. Promotions often get allotted minimal attention or are simply mentioned last minute during a Sunday announcement.

To complicate matters, many times church support staff do not have the proper training or time to properly design and develop creative and culturally relevant promotions.

We’d like to help. We offer basic graphic art support to local churches and missionaries. We are available for individual projects as well as contract agreements for weekly projects.

Examples of Graphic Art Support:

Examples of projects we might help ministries with include:

  • Guest Services Materials
    For example, a First Time Guest Welcome Card, Flyer or Brochure, a Connection Card (to collect information about guests, a Guest-Focused Bulletin Insert, etc.
  • Guest Welcome Packets
    We will propose ideas and develop materials for churches to place in a specially designed welcome packet to be given to guests as they arrive at church.

  • Ministry Newsletter (digital or print)
    For example, a missionary newsletter, a quarterly church newsletter, a campaign newsletter, etc.
  • Ministry Flyer, Poster or Brochure (digital or print)
    For example, a children’s ministry brochure, small group informational brochure, annual picnic flyer, upcoming events poster, etc.
  • Bulletin or Program Inserts
    For example, upcoming events inserts, ministry information inserts, testimony or missionary highlight insert, etc.
  • Projected Visual Presentations
    This includes images displayed on sanctuary or lobby screens. For example, announcements, information (like ‘Check us out on Facebook’ or ‘Join us after the service for coffee’) or sermon slides.

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